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What Content Marketers Should Know About UX Design

By  Lexie Lu  – Jun 28, 2017 2017-06-28T20:57:42+00:00   Lexie Lu   Blogger Extraordinaire   Simply Measured User experience (UX) captures how users interact with a product, and their feelings when they use or anticipate using the product. This involves how a product looks and feels, whether it’s browsing a website or navigating through an app. UX also encompasses data analysis regarding market research and testing. UX covers most facets of how users feel when interacting with a product. It can be intimidating for content marketers to lead campaigns that emphasize UX. This marketing requires more specific detailing than just promoting the product itself. UX-driven content marketing needs to hone in on specific content and target audiences. When working on a campaign with UX in mind, content marketers should be aware of the following six aspects as they compose content and target audiences. 1. Focus on the Giving Experience When trying to properly grasp UX in a marketi

The “Golden Ratio” of Social Media

by  Arise-Dev  |  May 18, 2017 Have you heard? There’s a new social media trend in town. The increasingly popular 5:3:2 rule was first introduced by TA McCann from  and is now making waves in the world of content sharing, garnering praise from companies like  Heinz Marketing  and  Fast Co . The purpose of this rule is to achieve the right balance of interesting, relevant content for your audience and avoid the most detrimental pitfall of social media today: monotony. So what exactly is the Golden Ratio and how can you use it? It’s pretty simple – apply the 5:3:2 ratio when planning out your content – let’s say for every 10 posts. Here’s the breakdown: 5 posts (50%) – Curated Content:  Articles, news, infographics, and any other content share from other sources that is relevant to your audience 3 posts (30%) – Original Content:  Created by you for your audience; original blog articles, photographs, videos, designs, etc. 2 posts (20%) – Personal status updates:  Fun, p