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What You Should Know About XML Sitemaps

How do you submit your XML sitemap to Google Search Console? You can make your sitemap available to Google in one of two ways: submit it on Google Search Console or add it to your robots.txt file. Before you submit your sitemap to GSC, you must  verify your site  with Google. Then “add/test” your sitemap in GSC. Get the instructions  here . What You Should Know About XML Sitemaps From those surveyed, there are still many search marketers who aren’t confident in sitemap best practices. Google has a great resource that tells you exactly what they’re looking for in a  good sitemap  but we’ve put together a quick, little guide below. How to Create a Sitemap If you search for XML sitemap generator, there should be a number of free websites you can use to generate your sitemap. Screaming Frog is also a great option to create all five types of sitemaps with their paid version. Most content management systems also have plugins like Yoast for WordPress to auto-populate the sitemaps.