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Not Tracking Social Media ROI is Your Fault

Last week, Susan Etlinger from Altimeter Group published the Social Media ROI Cookbook . It contains significant quantities of solid thinking, and provides a useful framework of six primary ways to measure social media effectiveness. (click here to view and download the Social Media ROI Cookbook on Slideshare) There’s no question that the social media ROI question continues to befuddle business – 41% of respondents to an eConsultancy survey of 1,000 companies and agencies in late 2011 had absolutely no idea of social media’s financial impact. But that inability isn’t the fault of social media as a channel, or the fault of social media software, or the fault of Facebook, or the fault of any other outside force. It’s the fault of businesspeople. If you’re looking to place blame for why you can’t measure social media ROI in your company, grab a mirror. Track Social Media ROI by Giving Customers Trackable Assignments Is social media ROI attainable? Of course, but you

5 Ways to Humanize Your Brand on Twitter

Injecting a real face and personality into your personal Twitter account is intrinsic, and most people don’t give it a second thought. We share what’s happening in our lives, photos from great vacations, things that annoy us, and other content that compels us. But when it comes to imbuing corporate Twitter accounts with a similar measure of personality and humanity, we often fall down on the job. True,  scrutiny is magnified when community and content managers become a voice for large brands.  In some large corporations every Tweet is run by legal, which doesn’t always allow for real time posting or the ability to engage actively with followers in a human-esque way. But playing it that safe on Twitter runs the risk of  becoming devoid of personality  giving followers no clue “who” they’re engaging with on the other side of the bright azure blue Twitter curtain. This can chip away at brand trust and brand value.  We want to do business with PEOPLE we know, PEOPLE we like, and P