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GDPR Digital Marketing

  Mark Aspillera “Hi, we just updated our privacy policy… ” The odds are that you’ve received a bunch of emails the past few weeks that read like this: and from a variety of different software and service providers (including BrightEdge.) If you didn’t know already, the reason for this sudden torrent of privacy updates is the European Union’s rollout of the  General Data Protection Regulation , or GDPR, which went into effect on May 25, 2018. The regulation, which seeks to standardize laws for data protection and privacy across the member nations of the EU, sent many companies into overdrive to update their software products, websites, and other assets to be GDPR compliant. It also might have led some marketers to believe that The more likely reality, however, is that GDPR regulations will be a good thing for digital marketing campaigns, as digital marketers will have a more transparent view into how much of their website audience is genuinely interested in being contacted