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5 Google Analytics Reports and Tips You Should Embrace Now

By John Jantsch Google Analytics just keeps getting better and better as far as I’m concerned and marketers that use this free tool need to get better and better at understanding what it can tell you. On a side note, anytime Google improves a free tool they are probably getting ready to offer a paid version. Quite frankly the tool is worth paying for if you take advantage of the many ways to slice and dice your data. Google Analytics Multi Channel Funnels You have to move beyond tracking site and page visits and get to the data that can actually help you make better marketing decisions. On top of learning how to improve your conversions, when you understand the meaning behind your marketing data, you can gain a far greater understanding of everything about your business. Google Analytics has steadily added more features that can help you create and track conversion goals and paths to conversion on your site. They’ve added real-time, social and mobile data reports so you can

10 social media metrics every marketer should know

10 social media metrics every marketer should know Posted by   Rob Petersen “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it,” said  Peter Drucker . Social media measurement tools are one of the fast-growing areas of analytics and venture funding. But, did you know, among businesses that purchase them, only 34% are “happy;” 60% say they are merely “okay” and 6% are so frustrated they are ready to switch (source:  KISSmetrics )? Maybe it’s not knowing all the measurements, it’s managing the ones that matter. 1. TRAFFIC SOURCES ( GOOGLE ANALYTICS ): It may surprise you but, to me, Google Analytics is the most effective social media measurement tool available. Why? Because, if your social media efforts are effective, people are going to come to your brand’s website. Google Analytics tells you who, how, where, when and why. In the Google Analytics dashboard, “Traffic Sources” tell you how people come to your website – whether it’s from “Search” (organic and paid), “Referral” (socia

5 Tips for Using Google+ to Boost Your Marketing

By  Jason Miller Published  October 18, 2012  Are you wondering how to best use Google+ to enhance your marketing? Google+ is quickly becoming an essential part of any business’s social media strategy. It boasts a cool  250 million users ! And this number is sure to grow very quickly as Google is making a Google+ account mandatory for all Gmail users. It’s  an audience marketers cannot ignore . Google+ can help people learn about what makes your business tick -- your products, promotions, hours and anything else you want to share. Google+  also plays a major role in  search engine optimization  (SEO) by making it easier for marketers to show up in search results—yet another reason to  include Google+ in your social media strategy . Here are  five simple ways to give your business an almost immediate boost using Google+ . #1 : Include Keywords and Relevant Links on Your About Page The About page is a fantastic opportunity to  give a quick overview of your busine

6 Factors that turn social media strategy into RESULTS

original article: 1) Active executive sponsorship I was recently brought in to do a  social media strategy workshop  with a big health care company. The president of the company greeted me and said “I know we need to do this. We are counting on you to lead us in the right direction.” Not only did she verbally demonstrate support, she was actively engaged in the entire meeting and led the part of the program determining next steps. This active leadership is CRITICAL to organizational change. There is no such thing as a grassroots cultural change. The person at the top must “get it” and make people accountable for the change. Measurable expectations for change must be driven into performance objectives. Here is the most important thing a leader can do to keep the change going week to week:  Ask questions about it in staff meetings. 2) Immersive learning “Can you just do this for u

The Best Glossaries for All Types of Online Professionals

The Best Glossaries for All Types of Online Professionals Posted by  Sunny Popali  in  Web Development  |  0 comments X Hello fellow  Twitter  user! Don't forget to  Tweet this post  if you like it, or  follow me  on Twitter if you find me interesting. What do you do when the bread crumb navigation stops rendering in certain browsers because they cache minified JavaScript incorrectly? How about when the holdover audience of your vertically integrated industry publication doesn’t fit the psychological segmentation profile your content marketing strategist projected in their original qualitative research analysis? Is your layout elastic? Do you love LAMP? Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth? If you are a new to web design, digital marketing, or any other profession that is predominantly Internet based, there is a lot of  jargon and specific terminology that you’ll need to navigate to understand what you’re doing. If you are clueless at