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The 10 Social Media KPIs that Guarantee Success

02/04/2015  by  Dylan Kissane So you’ve committed to investing in social media and quickly you realise that you are jumping into a brand new world of marketing. You’re convinced that the investment is going to be worth it – every consultant has been signing from the same song book on that point – but you’re still wondering how to track the success or failure of a campaign based on social media platforms you aren’t entirely familiar with. The sorts of metrics that you’ve been used to in print, television, radio, and even online advertising don’t seem to apply anymore. Instead you’ve been inundated with terms that sound happy, fun, but less than serious: fans, followers, pins, retweets, and share. How can these be connected to what you’re really concerned about, things like brand awareness, brand engagement, converting leads, and making sales? The answer can be found in your social media key performance indicators, or KPIs. By tracking less than a dozen KPIs across your social medi