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Maximizing GMB’s Newest Features for Your Business

Search Engine Optimization   October 16th, 2017 By  Colan Nielsen In 2017, Google has proven once again that if there is one thing that never changes, it’s their ability to continuously change. We keep track of all the significant Google My Business changes, tests and rollouts and it is already over thirty items long for this year alone. Here’s just a small sample. (January) Google defaults to  4+ review average for “best” searches  (US only) (Feb-March 2017) Google rolls out 3-pack ads. (March 2017) Google rolls out moderation on desktop to Level 5 Local Guides. A few weeks later it rolled out to everyone. (April 2017) Google adds menu field to GMB. (April 2017) Google adds bulk insights. To say that it is important to stay on top of all the changes as a marketing agency or consultant goes without saying. Staying on top of all the changes for a business owner is important too. And this is becoming more and more the case with the rollout of some specific GMB fea