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How to Promote Your Content With Social Media

By  Mike Bal Published  April 10, 2014  Do you  put a lot of time and effort into the content you create ? Do you want that content to be seen by as many people as possible? A master chef can present the same meal in 100 different ways, and you can do the same thing with your content. In this article, I’ll show you the  best practices of presenting the same piece of content in multiple ways on the same networks. #1: Feature It on Facebook Facebook offers you three different ways to post your content: links posts, posts with images and video/rich media. Let’s dive into your options with the different post formats possible. Facebook Link Posts A  link post  is when you want to share a link in your Facebook update. Did you know that you’re able  edit the headline, link description and preview image on any link post ? Think of the possibilities! I know having too many options can be overwhelming, so here’s the approach I recommend. Step 1: Choose the image . This is the

13 Google+ Tools to Improve Your Marketing

By  Ryan Hanley Published  April 3, 2014  Are you struggling to gain traction on Google+? Do you want to  optimize your Google+ presence ? If you want to dominate social media, you have to distribute rich media content efficiently and effectively. Google+ helps you do that and more. Read on to discover  13 tools that integrate with Google+ to help you create your brand’s media empire . #1: Take Advantage of the YouTube Integration If you  have a YouTube channel  but haven’t taken advantage of its relationship with Google+, you need to. Whether you’ve already established yourself on YouTube (or Google+), you’ll reach a wider audience  when you use them in conjunction.  Take advantage of the integration ! Pin It Share your YouTube videos on Google+ to reach more people and garner more engagement. For example, when you share a YouTube video to Google+, users can view the video within Google+. Any comments on that Google+ share  show up as comments on your YouTube vi