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Customer Journey Mapping: The Path to Loyalty

In an ideal world, the journey people take to become loyal customers would be a straight shot down a highway: See your product. Buy your product. Use your product. Repeat. In reality, this journey is often more like a sightseeing tour with stops, exploration, and discussion along the way—all moments when you need to convince people to pick your brand and stick with it instead of switching to a competitor. Staying on top of all of these moments might seem overwhelming, but mapping your customer’s journey can help. It can give you and your team a greater understanding of how your customers are currently interacting and engaging with your brand, and also help illustrate how your products and services fit into their lives, schedules, goals, and aspirations. Let’s take a look at five steps your team can take to start journey mapping. 1. Find the sweet spot where your customers’ goals and your own align Before you start journey mapping, nail down your business goals. Any m

Search in 2019

Unlike content marketing (which is centuries old),  SEO  is a very new discipline. It has been around for just a couple decades, and it quickly became the primary digital focus for many marketers. Yet, SEO cannot exist without content, and I am happy to report that the search industry has reached maturity when it goes back to basics: recognizing that content is  the  most important and fundamental part of the marketing puzzle. Now, with SEO maturing so quickly, there are still many misconceptions and misunderstandings around it. Those misconceptions may impact the content marketing process in a not-so-positive way. Let’s clear things up a bit: 1. SEO Has Become Much More Integrated and Diverse SEO used to be standalone: no one had any idea what SEOs were doing and how they got pages ranked. Many SEOs would ignore very important digital marketing aspects, including user experience, brand building, etc. The only purpose was to get a page ranked. These days it’s finally differe