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Overcoming Challenging Deadlines by Brandon Eley / SitePoint Tribune

by Brandon Eley of SitePoint Trubune Have you ever had one of those weeks where you had more to accomplish than you thought was humanly possible? Last week was like that for me. We had several projects that had to be completed by Friday, and it seemed like everything was working against me to achieve this. Normally, I'd have just worked late a few nights and it would have been done. Last week, as life would have it, my wife and children had several activities planned, so I was unable to work late on Monday, Tuesday, or Friday. I also had a conference call Wednesday night and a grand opening at a friend's new retail store on Thursday afternoon. So there was no working late any day last week for me.Sprinkle in the odd committee meeting, emergency email, or urgent phone call, and I was really starting to panic. I knew I had to get the project done, but how? Following are some of the measures that enabled me to complete the project in time. Limit time spent on email Email was check