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The 5 Most Useful Marketing Resources for Your Marketing Team

The 5 Most Useful Marketing Resources for Your Marketing Team By Brian Miller on 2014-08-28 Today’s marketers have to stay current with the evolving marketing landscape. The four Ps (product, price, promotion and place) has been replaced by the seven Ps (add physical evidence, people and process), which has been replaced by the four Cs (consumer, cost, communication, convenience). It’s no wonder marketers spend an average of 12% of their work hours staying on top of marketing trends. Want to keep informed about the changes in the marketing industry? We’ve found five of the best marketing sites – in no particular order – you should bookmark and share with each of your team members. 1. Advertising Age magazine has been around for 80-plus years (founded as a newspaper in 1930). It now has a strong web presence, covering media and digital channels, advertising, agency topics, data trends and more. There is a focus on brand profiles, sharing success stories as well as fail

Comment Form Styling: Examples and Best Practices

by György Fekete Comment forms are an essential part of our blogs, social networks and websites. Comment forms are our websites’ communication channel. Through these forms we get feedback on our content; therefore, it’s necessary to design them in such a way that they are easy to understand by our user base. A good comment form should align with our website’s main design, but at the same time it should be interesting enough to encourage easy commenting. It must be usable and accessible if we want to capture all of our visitors’ feedback. We searched for some examples and found original and creative ones. Below we present these examples along with a few guidelines that a designer should follow to make a great comment form. Guidelines And Best Practices Even a relatively simple-looking comment form can hide a very complex design behind it. There are many variables that a designer should take in consideration. The ones presented in this article are the most important and c