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Why only 1 in 6 fans see your Facebook page updates & how to fix it + what is Edgerank?

by   Anna Gervai I don’t mean to alarm you but if you’re doing what most companies are on Facebook, then it’s quite likely only  1 in 6  of your page’s fans actually see your carefully thought out Facebook updates from your business page in their news feed.  The cause?  Facebook’s Edgerank. If you don’t know what Facebook’s Edgerank is and why the time and effort you’re putting into your company’s Facebook page isn’t returning the business results you hoped for, then this article is for you; so grab a cuppa and let’s  fix the 1 in 6 problem  for your page right now with this easy to follow to do list (here’s the  research  to read later on how many fans on average see Facebook page updates by the way). What is Edgerank? Firstly, I thought I’d throw a bit of education your way on what Facebook’s Edgerank actually is. You’re probably aware of Google’s algorithm that reviews in a long list of factors to decide who ranks where in search results. Well Edgerank is like Fa