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20 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Doing a Website Design

  Herosmyth Staff Original Article URL So, you need a new website. While it’s tempting to immediately take this show on the road, there are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself first so that your new website is built to be exactly what you need for your business. But first, you're probably wondering... Why  do I need to ask these questions? Reason 1: Scope Creep Properly preparing for a website redesign will help you define the project and avoid scope creep, or more tasks getting tacked on to an existing project as it moves along. By first hashing out a specific plan for your website, you can make sure your project stays on-course throughout. Of course, sometimes features come along through the process that you may not have realized were important before the project start, but the more you can determine up front, the better. A good creative agency will help you define these features and requireme