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5 Instagram Keys For Marketing Your Business

Since Instagram was launched on Android last year, it has continued to explode in popularity. According to  Instagram’s official press page , there are 100 million monthly active users, 40 million photos per day, 8500 likes per second, and 1000 comments per second. This flurry of activity shows that not only is Instagram one of the most popular social networks, engagement is also relatively easy, making it a great opportunity for companies that are willing to post regularly. And because Instagram is relatively progressive when it comes to its API use, sites like  Statigram  allow companies to track Instgram metrics to gauge the success or failure of content. Huge brands like Coca-Cola and major celebrities like Justin Bieber are using Instagram to connect with their fans and customers on a more personal level. Just like the social networks that came before it, using Instagram as part of your overall online marketing initiatives helps you introduce new and existing products to yo

3 Simple Ways to Measure Your Social Media Results

By  Rick Mulready Published  May 20, 2013  Are you looking for better ways to measure your social media activities? Do you know if your social media efforts are worthwhile? Social media measurement is one of the most frustrating challenges business face. In this article I’ll show you  three simple measurement strategies that can fit into one of your future campaigns . Why Measure? In order to measure the effectiveness of your social campaigns, it’s critical that you  know your objective . Ask yourself why you are considering including social media in your overall marketing campaign in the first place. How will your efforts impact your revenue and grow your business? You’ll want to  put a measurable outcome in place along with a timeframe  in which to achieve the goal. Always setup goals so that you can measure social media. Image: iStockPhoto Now you can  determine which social media platform aligns with your objectives . For example, if you’re trying to reach a fe

26 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Pros

By  Debbie Hemley Published  May 8, 2013  Are you looking for actionable tips to improve your social media marketing? Are you wondering what the common themes of social media experts are these days? This April, 1,100 passionate marketers from every corner of the world traveled to San Diego for  Social Media Marketing World  ( #SMMW13 ), to find out. The number of conference takeaways and  buzz  was immense. For this article, I’ve focused on 26 takeaways from SMMW13, including notable quotes by presenters and their session titles. CATEGORY: Calls to Action #1: Get More Leads With Calls to Action Throughout the conference, the topic of calls to action (CTAs) came up in numerous sessions. What is a CTA? A  social media call to action  is an integral and often overlooked element of an effective social media strategy. Social media gets prospects, customers and the public primed to want to find out more about your offering or to engage with you further,  but  you must  lead t

8 CSS Properties Designers Can’t Live Without

By  James George 29 TH  Apr 2013 General ,  HTML & CSS ,  Web Design CSS ,  css3 ,  Web Design ,  web development Imagine a world without CSS, where you have no real control over how anything looks or behaves in a browser. Imagine having to slice images using nested tables for your design. Some of us have been around long enough to remember when tables were a typical, perfectly acceptable way to design a site. Fortunately for us, we have grown accustomed to a web where we have control over almost every single aspect with pixel precision. There are some CSS properties that we just couldn’t live without today. They save us so much time and frustration and make things so easy. These CSS properties are so useful and we use them everyday to the point that if they were taken away, our jobs would be a nightmare. Declaring A Style As “!Important” Sometimes, we are moving along with our project, and despite careful planning, we need to inject CSS into a certain web element. W