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5 Ways Social Media Can Drive Local Business

By  John Jantsch Expert Author Article Date: 2011-12-07 If you run a local business that's focused on generating customers locally, then you may think you don't really need to pay much attention to social media tools. While it's true many social media tools offer the opportunity to connect with global audiences, they're also great for driving local business when used in a targeted fashion. Look, if your customers and prospects are using social media tools, and a little research will likely prove they are, then it just stands to reason that if you can find ways to meet them where and when they choose to interact, you'll get more chances to be their go-to provider. Social CRM If you have a list of local customers that contains email addresses, then your first local, social play is to update those records with public social media data. Using a browser add-in like  Rapportive , you can see the social media profiles and participation of your customers right in your