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Google+ Communities: What Marketers Need to Know

Google+ Communities: What Marketers Need to Know By  Mike Delgado Published  December 20, 2012  Have you heard about the new  Google+ Communities ? Google+ Communities allow you to collaborate with others on topics you’re passionate about. And it’s a great opportunity for marketers to network, engage and build the businesses they support. This article will reveal  everything you need to know about Google+ Communities and how to leverage them for business . What Is a Google+ Community? A Google+ Community is a place to  meet and engage with people on topics you’re interested in . If you had trouble  finding engagement on Google+  in the past, it’s time to take a second look and  check out active communities on topics you care about . Watch this video from Google+ to see how communities work. Not only will you find great discussions going on, but you’ll also meet great people who share your interests. And this will help  build your relationships and expand your ne

10 Content Marketing Tips You Can Employ Now

10 Content Marketing Tips You Can Employ Now By  Cindy King Published  December 18, 2012  Are you looking for content marketing ideas? Need some actionable tips you can put to use today? We asked 10 content marketing experts for their best content marketing tips. Here they are: #1: Leverage the Power of Interviews Without a doubt, one of my hottest content marketing tips is to  do interviews… especially video interviews . In fact, it isn’t just hot… it’s downright freakin’ sexy. David Siteman Garland Here is why you should  add interviews to your content repertoire (big word!) in a fun numerical order: If you can  ask questions  and like talking to people, you can interview someone . No need to come up with blog topics, just ask away. Interviews are an incredible relationship-builder. Want to meet your favorite author?  Connect with the influencers in your space ? Nothing builds a relationship like a good ole interview (especially on video, as you will REALLY