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Google Doc Provides by Barry Welford

What Google Docs provides Basically Google Docs provides a cloud-computing version of almost all the software programs that are available in the Microsoft Office suite of programs. For example, the following are the main files that can be created: Document = Word Spreadsheet = Excel Presentation = PowerPoint You can also make drawings and can store most files including images and PDF files. All these files are stored in what are called collections, which is really a tagging system. That means that a given file can be found in a number of different collections if that is helpful. What can be done in Google Docs is expanding all the time. All files are searchable using the power and rapidity of Google Search, which is an additional advantage of working within Google Docs. It should be noted that because this software is operating via cloud-computing, the functionality may be slightly reduced versus software, which is operating on a desktop PC. However for the vast majority of applica
Deals on Facebook – A Competitor to GroupOn Posted by Lisa Braziel A few months ago, Facebook launched its first iteration of deals that could be unlocked by a user checking in to Facebook Places. On Tuesday, they began expanded their deals offering to provide Facebook fans with location-based deals, very similar to GroupOn or Living Social. If you are like me, you are rushing to figure out how you and your brand can get involved with these new Facebook Deals. The following are my 3 main questions and answers to this new service offering. Is it Open to Everyone? Currently there is no self-serve method of creating Deals. Similar to how GroupOn and LivingSocial got started, Facebook is launching in the following test cities first: Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco. This being said, businesses can still submit a form if they are interested. By asking businesses to enter their Facebook page URL, this will also allow Facebook to screen which businesses get contacted f