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Google+ Could Revolutionize Customer Service

By Christopher Elliott | June 29, 2011 Even though we don’t know a lot about Google+, the fledgling social media initiative that launched Tuesday, one thing is certain: If only half of the promised features are widely adopted by Internet users, it could change customer service forever – and for the better. I know, I know. Google has made several failed attempts at social networking, including Buzz and Wave. But this could be different. Many of the early reviews say Google got it right this time. I’ve spent this morning reading them, and they’re almost all positive. I’ve also been kicking the tires on the new social network. You can find me right here. As a consumer advocate, I’ve watched social media level the playing field for customers – just yesterday, I discussed the implications of Customer 2.0, for example – and overall, I believe Google+ has the potential to lev