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Developing an email marketing strategy that works

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. In fact,  email averages a 122 percent return  on every dollar invested — and it’s one of the most affordable weapons in your marketing arsenal. Successful marketers know it takes careful planning to stand out in a sea of spam and convert customers. Here’s how to develop an email marketing strategy that works. What is an email marketing strategy? Your email marketing strategy is a defined process you’ll follow to leverage email for business growth. Its steps include: How you’ll earn email subscribers How subscribers will be segmented The types of emails you’ll send How you’ll weave emails into campaigns How you will produce email content How you’ll measure responses as well as test and analyze results Which software you’ll use to manage your email lists and campaigns Your email marketing strategy details every aspect of the process, so you can develop a winning system that reliably attracts subscribe

5 Principles for Making Better Life Decisions

The sweet spot in decision-making is to find the short-term failures that enable the huge long-term successes to happen in the first place. Mark Manson One day, when I’m a multi-billionaire, I’m going to buy a massive plot of land out in the frigid wasteland of the northern Yukon and build a vast complex of unnecessarily poorly-designed buildings. There will be no roads that lead there. No utilities. No central heating. And insufficient staff to maintain the structure. I’ll then call it, “The Hall of Fame of Bad Decisions.” It will be perfect. Because not only will the hall itself be a bad decision, but anyone who ever attempts to visit it will clearly be making a bad decision as well. Inside the hall, we will have exhibits for all of the worst decisions ever made. There’d be one for that time when Kodak, despite owning 90% of the market share of the camera industry and inventing the digital camera, decided not to sell them and  went bankrupt as a result