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5 Social Media Monitoring Tools to Simplify Your Marketing

By  Lisa Peyton Published  March 28, 2013  Are you measuring your social media efforts? Do you know what’s working? Over the years, there have been dozens of  social media monitoring  tools launched, but not all social media monitoring platforms are created equal. In this article I’ll show you  five platforms that may work for your business . Social Media Monitoring 101 Before taking a closer look at these platforms, here are a few questions you’ll want to answer first. Your answers will allow you to  find the right tool for your business needs . What Does Your Business Need to Measure? The most important thing to establish before selecting a monitoring tool is what you’re actually going to measure. Any social media campaign worth its salt has clearly defined objectives and measurable outcomes. It's important to determine what you want to measure. Image source: iStockPhoto. These measurable outcomes, or  key performance indicators  (KPIs), are agreed-upon metrics