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7 Skills Successful Social Media Managers Cultiva

  Daisy Barringer  |  Mar 9th 2017 Social Media Manager is a relatively new position in the grand scheme of things. In fact, a decade ago, it didn’t even exist. But today, communicating with customers and activating audiences on social are integral to a brand’s customer service, PR, and marketing strategies. Those who work in the field know the role requires an agile skill set and a “Wild West”-like entrepreneurial spirit in order to navigate the ever-changing landscape. Cindy Waters, Brand Reputation Manager at Intuit, who manages the Intuit social media properties, has been in the game about as long as social media has been important to companies. With eight years of experience managing social media and PR initiatives for tech and consumer brands, such as TurboTax, Google’s Nest, Netflix and more, she’s a pioneer of the industry and has developed skills in everything from strategic storytelling to video editing to analytics over the course of her career. We chatted with Cindy to