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How Marketers Influence with Cognitive Bias

Marketing Strategy by Maddy Osman Wednesday, August 24th, 2016 Cognitive biases relate to the field of psychology, and they represent the systematic way a person rationalizes an illogical way of thinking. Clever marketers use their understanding of cognitive biases to persuade people to make purchases. Understanding cognitive biases can help marketers impact how we buy, sell, feel, think, and interact. Here are some common cognitive biases that can be used to influence prospects that are exposed to your content marketing. Attention Bias According to  Bart Schutz  of Online Dialogue, attention bias is the tendency to pay more attention to emotionally dominant stimuli and to neglect other relevant data when making decisions. How does attention bias affect people? The more often people see the name of your company or logo, the more likely they’ll be to purchase from you. In essence, the more familiar you are with a brand, the better. To use attention bias in marketing: P

Here’s Why Your Content Marketing Strategy is Totally Failing

By Neil Patel published February 9, 2016 Content Marketing Strategy Orignal Article I talk with a lot of people who are frustrated with the fact that their content marketing strategy doesn’t seem to be working. In fact, in some cases, their entire content strategy seems to be an abject failure. Why is this the case? If content marketing is such an important marketing method, has proven success, and is used by nearly 90% of businesses, then why do so many businesses feel like their strategy is useless and ineffective ? There are some common trends that characterize many of these “failed” content marketing strategies. In most cases, the strategies haven’t “failed” at all. The “strategy,” whatever that is, wasn’t clear enough to guide the business to achieve its goals. Instead, what the strategy needs is a hard reset and some new programming. That new programming comes in the form of SMART goals. RECOMMENDED FOR YOU: 2016 Content Marketing Toolkit: 23 C