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What you CANNOT do on Facebook. Page admins take note of these rules

What you CANNOT do on Facebook. Page admins take note of these rules Posted: 19 Apr 2012 10:41 PM PDT Did you hear about Velvet Burger? They are one of the most recent companies to have their Facebook page deleted for breaking the rules. They waved ‘bye bye’ to almost 10,000 fans in the process. You can read their message to their customers below. You may have also heard Hell Pizza went the same way – losing their page and 20,000 fans along with it. Hell managed to get their page back through someone-who-knew-someone who worked at Facebook, but sadly – in most cases – if this happens to you, you’ll be starting from scratch. In case you’re thinking being in a little country (Velvet Burger and Hell are in New Zealand) or that having far fewer fans will prevent this from happening to you, think again! Don’t get all up in arms with Facebook about this either, the only person to blame is … you. Click to view larger When you created your Fac

Frequently-Asked Question: "Small-Business Websites. How much DO they cost?"

Whenever I tell people I'm a web nerd, one of the first things they ask me is, "What does it cost for a simple, basic website?" It's a bit of a loaded question. And, for years, I struggled to give them a clear answer. Today, I'm here to answer that question, and to discuss something that people rarely ask about: "What are the various benefits?" Ultimately, there are two main options: save money and do it yourself, or save time and have someone help you. Option #1: Do It Yourself Benefits: • Fast: have your website ready to go in minutes • Inexpensive: the most affordable way to get a website • You can do your own updates, as often as you like, at no extra charge Ideal for: • People who have more time than money • People who want a simple, basic website • People who like to be in control Believe it or not, it can be a really easy process! In fact, I've narrowed it all down to the following three steps (this is exactly how I do it

What every employee and employer must know about social media

These must-know truisms can help clear the air and keep everyone out of trouble. By Augie Ray |  Posted: April 17, 2012 The topic of employees' right to privacy and expression in social media has been front and center of late. Social media employment news has included  Delta's getting called out  for the nonwork activities of an employee,  Facebook's stand  against employers' asking for job candidates' social network passwords, and the latest in a long line of employee firings for things they had posted  to social networks.  While social media continues to evolve—and much will change in the years to come—every employer and employee should understand a few simple things. Being ignorant of social media risks, best practices, and laws is no excuse for employees' making career-ending mistakes or employers' stumbling into costly legal and brand reputation errors. Here are three things employers should know about social media: 1. Training and communicat

How Asking “Why” Helps Us Get to Our Larger Story

How Asking “Why” Helps Us Get to Our Larger Story By  ROBERT ROSE  |  Published:  APRIL 16, 2012 If you’re a parent, you’ve no doubt at some point had to master the never-ending onslaught of a “why?” session. Comedian Louis CK has a wonderful bit on this, where he talks about how his daughter’s asking “why” led him to mind-altering insanity as a question about going outside while it’s raining led deeper and deeper into the meaning of life. But of course we were kids ourselves once. Remember? We had all the time in the world — and nothing was more important than understanding the wide world around us. Dr. Dawn Taylor, a psychologist at Penn State who specializes in child development  said something that resonates  with me: “ Asking ‘why’ is one of the most important strategies children have for connecting with their caregivers and learning about the world around them. ” It’s also one of the most important strategies for content marketing. Let me explain… why. Using the 5

B2B Social Media FAQ: How Much Should We Budget?

B2B Social Media FAQ: How Much Should We Budget? Posted by   Brad Shorr Community building.  Connecting with customers, prospects, peers, and potential referrers. This is a daily activity. Brand monitoring.  Scouring the social networks for mentions of your company and products. Also a daily activity. Engagement.  Listening to your communities, responding, reaching out with interactive messaging. Another daily activity, best done in real time. Content sharing.  Writing, publishing, and sometimes scheduling content with links to strategic blog posts and web pages. This can be done on a monthly basis. Social network maintenance.  Keeping your communities free of spammers, updating content, adding applications, etc. Best done on a weekly or monthly basis. How big is your social marketing universe? What are your competitors doing? What value to you place on a new community member? What  conversion   activities  are you offering? What is the va

7 Strategic Steps I Took To Redesign My Blog - © 2012 Herman Drost

7 Strategic Steps I Took To Redesign My Blog © 2012 Herman Drost - All Rights reserved Why are there more abandoned blogs on the Net than live ones? If you jump into designing or redesiging your blog without proper planning you won’t be happy with it. Like any journey it starts with a strategic plan that’s followed up by taking action. Here are the 7 strategic steps I took to redesign my blog at: 1. Clearly define the blog’s purpose The purpose of my previously designed blog was to provide great content to visitors and search engines plus generate some money through AdSense ads and various affiliate programs I promote. The main purpose of the new design is to generate subscribers for my Marketing Tips Newsletter. By subscribing to my newsletter I can build a large list of subscribers over time and continually drip feed them valuable content to build long term relationships plus recommend products and services. When a person fir