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UTM Tracking Code

5 cool examples of UTM tracking Robert Petković Google Analytics Specialist August 14th, 2014 5 URL BUILDER ARGUMENTS 1. Campaign Source (utm_source) This tag is mandatory, it identifies where exactly did your ad appear. That can be a specific portal name, social network name or similar. 2. Campaign Medium (utm_medium) Identifies the way your ad appears on the web page (banner, PR) but I suggest you to use the Medium as you would use it within Google Analytics: Social, cpc, email, etc. This tag is also mandatory. 3. Campaign Term (utm_term) This should be the keyword you use for identifying your ad. It will also appear as “keyword” within Google Analytics report. 4. Campaign Content (utm_content) This tag is usually used for A/B testing, but it could be used for ad type, market, website language version or any other similar info that will help you distinguish one ad version from another. 5. Campaign Name (utm_campaign) Surprisingly, that should