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4 Easy Steps to Implement a Facebook Marketing Strategy

By  Andrea Vahl Published  June 18, 2013  Do you have a Facebook marketing strategy? Is your Facebook marketing is working? If you don’t have a strategy with goals in place for your Facebook Page, you won’t know if you are getting a  return on your social media  efforts! Your Facebook marketing strategy shouldn’t live in a vacuum—it needs to be integrated with your overall marketing plan. What You Need to Get Started Before you start marketing on Facebook, you should  have these things in place : A good website : Your website is the hub of your business and should look professional and showcase what you have to offer your customers. A clear business model and plan : How are you making money? This sounds obvious, but many entrepreneurs don’t have a solid business plan and don’t understand things like the cost of goods or how much money they can (and should) allocate toward marketing. An email marketing delivery service : Some large consumer products may not need an emai

4 Ways to Measure Social Media and Its Impact on Your Brand

By  Nichole Kelly Published  June 15, 2010  Do you know how social media is helping your business? Want to find out how Twitter, Facebook and other sites are impacting your brand awareness? The good news is social media has finally made it to the grand stage of “accountability.” A place where there are lots of people who want to measure it. The bad news is there isn’t a single clear-cut answer. However, with a few simple steps,  you can build a measurement strategy that accomplishes your goals. Defining Terms To start, let’s agree that  brand awareness is a measure of how recognizable your brand is to your target audience.  For those looking to get ahead of the curve on social media measurement, the first step is to  align your social media metrics with metrics your company is already comfortable with . Also, let’s agree that the measurements for social media aren’t all that different from how you’ve been measuring traditional media. To put brand awareness measurement int

How to Convince Your Skeptical Boss That Facebook Marketing Works

By  Jim Belosic Published  June 5, 2013  Is your business on Facebook? Do you need to convince your boss—or a client—that  Facebook  is a worthy marketing investment? In this article I’ll show you  7 things you can do to convince decision-makers of the value Facebook . #1: Assess Your Goals Before you can convince anyone that they need to be on Facebook, you’ll need to understand what they want to accomplish. Remember that not every business needs to be on Facebook. If you are in a B2B that sells concrete to two or three huge companies, LinkedIn might be a better fit. Not all businesses need to be on Facebook. Assess your business goals first. Image source: iStockPhoto. Ask the following questions  before you start planning a campaign to help you  assess expectations and set goals . What are your expectations ? If you’re starting a Page from scratch, make it clear that’s it’s unrealistic to think a Page will grow from 0 to 100,000 likes overnight. What kind of ex

5 Mobile Social Media Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

By  Jamie Turner Published  June 4, 2013  Your customers and prospects are using smart phones. Have you figured out how to connect with them using mobile social media marketing techniques? Mobile is not as difficult as it may seem, especially when you access it with the social media tools you’re already familiar with. With that in mind, I’ll reveal  5 ways you can use social media to integrate mobile marketing into your business . #1: Connect With Prospects On LinkedIn Mobile The  LinkedIn mobile app  brings a streamlined version of the desktop site to your smartphone or other mobile device. You’ll have access to all the key LinkedIn features, including updates, your profile, messages and  groups . An example of the LinkedIn home screen on a smartphone. From your  LinkedIn home page , tap on your profile photo to access your profile screen to see who has viewed your profile recently. If someone has viewed your profile, it’s a good indication that they might be interest