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Is your website customer-focused or is it all about your own company?

Too often websites are designed with an internal focus where everything’s about the company. “We started in 1995, our team is experienced, choose us because… etc”. Guess what, nobody cares about you, they only care about themselves (don’t believe me…what’s the first location you look at when you see a world map?).

Whenever someone comes to a website, their immediate question is, “What’s in it for me?”.

When writing copy on your website, make sure the word ‘you’ occurs a lot more than ‘we/us’, and talk about the benefits that the reader gets by using your product or service. This doesn’t mean you don’t talk about your company, but make sure it’s in a way that answers the “What’s in it for me?” question. For example, let’s say you did start your business in 1995, you can phrase this as, “Having been around since 1995, you can be sure we’ll always be around to give you support and answer your questions well after the initial job’s finished.”

Does your website make the person trust your company?

A website landing page basically needs to do three things – first it needs show that you understand the problem the person’s trying to solve, secondly it needs to explain why you’re the best business to solve that problem, and thirdly it needs to build trust so they the person is ready go to the next stage. You could have an amazing website with compelling sales copy, but if the potential customer doesn’t trust you, their not going to do business with you!

There are lots of ways to build trust on a webpage, but the main ones we recommend are:

  • adding testimonials from past clients
  • displaying logos of companies you’ve done business with
  • including any relevant certification details
  • showing photos of your premises and pictures of your staff
  • prominently displaying contact details
  • including any guarantees or warranties you offer
  • showing how long your company has been in business for

Once you’ve got a potential customer to trust your business, you’re 90% of the way to turning them into a paying client!

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