The 5 Most Useful Marketing Resources for Your Marketing Team

The 5 Most Useful Marketing Resources for Your Marketing Team
By Brian Miller on 2014-08-28

Today’s marketers have to stay current with the evolving marketing landscape. The four Ps (product, price, promotion and place) has been replaced by the seven Ps (add physical evidence, people and process), which has been replaced by the four Cs (consumer, cost, communication, convenience).

It’s no wonder marketers spend an average of 12% of their work hours staying on top of marketing trends. Want to keep informed about the changes in the marketing industry? We’ve found five of the best marketing sites – in no particular order – you should bookmark and share with each of your team members.

Advertising Age magazine has been around for 80-plus years (founded as a newspaper in 1930). It now has a strong web presence, covering media and digital channels, advertising, agency topics, data trends and more. There is a focus on brand profiles, sharing success stories as well as failures for many of the most recognizable agencies in the U.S., and smaller firms all over the world.

The American Marketers Association provides various resources for marketers which touch upon industry challenges, current practices, notable events, and awards and recognition for top performing agencies. The Association’s website publishes workshops, training courses and continuing education opportunities, and provides resources for careers in marketing. You can find information on topics like advertising, branding, metrics, strategy and engagement.

For a more focused examination of digital marketing practices, ClickZ offers insight from some of the leading marketers in the world. The website is devoted to all things digital: email, analytics, social, search and media. The organization hosts live events, webinars and onsite training workshops.

Since 1998 has shared marketing knowledge from a practical point-of-view. The organization’s website contains marketing tutorials, terms, links, a blog and a database of marketing stories from as far back as 2004. Visitors can learn about marketing basics, customers and markets, product, distribution, pricing and more.

A relative newcomer to the marketing education space, MarketingProfs offers professional development opportunities, live events and seminars, discussion forums, how-to articles and several other tracks to help marketers stay current with customer behavior, brand management, ROI and more. Its focus is predominantly digital; however, the subject matter crosses digital and analog practices.

There are also industry-specific outlets that cover marketing issues for verticals such as hospitality, retail, government, etc. For example, the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association has a Knowledge Center section that discusses trends, concepts and insights for hotel marketers.


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