Frequently-Asked Question: "Small-Business Websites. How much DO they cost?"

Whenever I tell people I'm a web nerd, one of the first things they ask me is, "What does it cost for a simple, basic website?"
It's a bit of a loaded question. And, for years, I struggled to give them a clear answer. Today, I'm here to answer that question, and to discuss something that people rarely ask about: "What are the various benefits?"
Ultimately, there are two main options: save money and do it yourself, or save time and have someone help you.
Option #1: Do It Yourself
• Fast: have your website ready to go in minutes
• Inexpensive: the most affordable way to get a website
• You can do your own updates, as often as you like, at no extra charge
Ideal for:
• People who have more time than money
• People who want a simple, basic website
• People who like to be in control
Believe it or not, it can be a really easy process! In fact, I've narrowed it all down to the following three steps (this is exactly how I do it):
  1. Sign up for an account with BlueHost. ($60/year)
    I've gone through MANY hosting companies over the last 13 years, and these guys are my favorite. They're reliable, I like their policies, and they don't outsource their tech support.
  2. Install WordPress. ($0)
    Once you're logged in to your control panel, click the "WordPress" icon (it's a blue circle with a "W" in it) and go through their super-easy setup wizard.
  3. Make a page! ($0)
    While writing this article, I spent a fair chunk of time looking for a GOOD, short video tutorial on how to make a page in WordPress and wasn't able to find one -- so I made one! Here it is for your viewing pleasure: How to Make a Page, and Set a Home Page
Hooray and congratulations! You're well on your way. There are a thousand more things you can do -- make it look hot with a premium theme, add a secure membership area, integrate a newsletter -- but this will help you get a working website, for a very reasonable price.
Option #2: Have a Professional Help You
• Saves you time and allows you to focus on your business
• Gives you the best chance of getting ranked on Google, Yahoo, etc.
• The biggest step towards having the website of your dreams!
Ideal for:
• Busy business owners
• People with big dreams
• Anybody who prefers to stick to what they’re good at
Hiring a web professional can be highly affordable in today's economy. And, while I'm answering the old question of, "How much does it cost for a professional website?" I'd like to dispell an old myth.
Myth: "Hiring a web professional is way too expensive for my small business!"
Even in today's troubled economy, there are highly-affordable website packages available -- you just need to know where to look.
The other day, I sent someone a link to my online portfolio and she replied, "I like your work. I'm afraid to ask for a quote, though!"
One of the things many people don't know about me is that I do in fact help small businesses! I even have a package designed specifically to help entrepreneurs get their foot in the door, for a very reasonable price.
Last summer, I developed my Business Starter Package. I didn't make it public because I was still ironing out a few details; however, after helping a number of clients through the process, improving it with feedback, and making it fun, I'm happy to say it's ready for mass consumption.
If you're a business owner who wants a website that's simple but has the ability to grow with your business, it'll suit your needs perfectly. If you've got a big dream for a really amazing website but don't know where to start, it's an excellent foundation that will help you plan your next steps.
And, at $500, it's a crazy deal.
What does it look like? Here are a few examples:
The following websites began by using the Starter Package as a foundation, then grew with the client's needs:
Interested? Think I might be able to help you? Hit "Reply" and let's talk.
Is $500 too expensive? Follow the steps in option #1 above and let me know if you hit any roadbumps. I enjoy helping people!
Thanks for reading.


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