Eight Tips to creating an effective Google Places Page

From SitePoint Newsletter by Mike Burke tribune@sitepoint.com

  1. Add photos and video: Make sure you have great photo or video content to load on your Place. A photo of your office, products, or team are worthy examples. What would prospective customers want to see?
  2. Embrace service areas: If you're willing to visit a client location, add the service area you cover. This could be by distance (kilometres/miles), or by town/suburb.
  3. Write interesting copy: You want your listing to shine, so make your description upbeat, friendly, and detailed. Avoid keyword-stuffing, as it will fail to make sense for readers, but cover the facts.
  4. Complete all contact information and hours of operation: As well as providing handy information to your Place Page visitors, you look more professional by presenting a complete page.
  5. Utilize all five categories: Google offers five categories (such as "web design") to list your Place in. Make sure you use all five to improve your chances of people seeing your Places page.
  6. Encourage customers to review you: Reviews in Google Places can be added easily once the reviewer has a Google Account. Encourage clients to review your business, to improve your business credibility.
  7. Add coupons: Google Places allows you to create coupons for customers to print out and redeem. If you offer coupons or specials in the real world, ensure you add them to your Places page for greater exposure.
  8. Keep your listing up to date: Ensure that your Places Page is always current, and set a reminder for yourself to keep an eye on it.


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