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Email Development Best Practices

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Email development can be a daunting task. Many new email developers, or web developers who are new to email, find that the complex and multi-layered email client ecosystem causes endless headaches; a fix for one client breaks their email in three others, or a simple float functions in only half of the email clients available.

The best practices that we outline below cover both email design and email development. Keeping these best practices in mind can save you hours of hair pulling down the road. Even with these best practices, don’t forget to test your email. Finicky email clients are just one of the many reasons why you should test your email code every time. With Email on Acid, you can see what your design will look like in more than 70 clients and devices. Email Design Use Single Column Design Keep the email design simple to make life easy! A single column design is …

Good Relationships = Happier and Healthier

"Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period."  "When we gathered together everything we knew about [these participants] at age 50, it wasn't their middle-age cholesterol levels that predicted how they were going to grow old," said Waldinger, in his now famous TED Talk entitled "What Makes a Good Life? Lessons from the Longest Study on Happiness.""It was how satisfied they were in their relationships. The people who were the most satisfied in their relationships at age 50 were the healthiest at age 80." "Good relationships don't just protect our bodies; they protect our brains," Waldinger continued. So, how can you cultivate better relationships? That's one of the questions I explored in my new book, EQ Applied: The Real-World Guide to Emotional Intelligence. I pored over additional research from various neuroscientists, the Gallup organization, even Google. What did I find? Simply put, that great relationship…

Improving Your Email Results

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide To Improving Your Email Results with Jay Baer Convince & Convert My friend Tom Webster from Edison Research has a fantastic saying: “the plural of ‘anecdote’ is not “data.” But so many email programs today are governed by what we believe to be true based on stories we’ve been told, or stories we choose to tell ourselves. Even now, in 2018, with a cavalcade of available data the size of Jay-Z’s ego, we still aren’t often managing email in a fully data-driven way. It's said that, "if you cannot measure, you cannot improve.” That’s not entirely right. I would say it this way: “if you don’t measure, any improvements you make are probably a happy accident.” The success of any email marketing program should rely heavily on your ability to carefully gauge both your successes and your mediocrities. By monitoring the most important aspects of your email programs and individual sends, you can make well-informed decisions about the elements that requ…