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How to Customize Your Social Share Buttons for Increased Traffic

Published December 18, 2013 
Are you happy with how social share buttons work on your website?
Do they auto-populate with information that makes your brand look good on social networks?
To maximize the benefits of social sharing on your website, you need to makesure  your social share buttons contain customized messaging that’s easy for your readers to use and benefits your brand.
In this article, I’ll focus on how to optimize the top social share buttons for your website.
What’s an Optimized Share Button? An optimized share button automatically generates a sharable message with custom information for your brand.
Here’s an example of a social share button tweet that’s not optimized with custom information.
Here’s an example of a tweet that has not been customized.
While the product ID number shows in the URL, the tweet is missing the brand’s Twitter handle and hashtags. Including these items would help the brand increase followers, reach and engagement.
Here’s an exa…

How to Get Employees to Embrace Social Media

Published October 24, 2013  Are you struggling to get your social media activities off the ground?
Do you want to get more people inside your organization to support your social media activities?
If so, you’re not alone. Small businesses to Fortune 500 companies find themselves facing these challenges.
In this article, I’ll show you how to create an internal social media structure that will help you develop an effective long-term social media presence.
#1: Define the End Goal First, identify how and why social media will be used to meet specific business and brand goals.
For example, a business goal is to increase revenue by 10%, whereas a brand goal is to create deeper relationships with your existing clients.
Clearly define realistic, concrete and measurable goals to give your team objectives to pursue.
Define your goals to create the internal structure you need for your social media presence. Image source: iStockPhoto. #2: Create a Social Media Task Force Depen…

Mobile Social Media Exploding According to New Research

Published December 3, 2013   Are you looking for the latest trends in social media marketing?
Has your business kept up with the growing mobile social media opportunities?
New research seems to show all roads leading to mobile. Whether we’re talking about Facebook, YouTube or the latest new toy, Snapchat—research shows that well-executed mobile strategies will offer the biggest payoff for marketers.
Here’s a summary of the latest research…
#1: Facebook Mobile is Largest Source of Social Traffic According to Shareaholic’s Social Media Traffic Report (October 2013), publishers saw average referral traffic from Facebook mobile grow 253% between September 2012 and September 2013!
There are two reasons for this. First, as of September 2013, 874 million people used Facebook’s mobile app, up by 45% from the year before. Second, smartphone use has reached critical mass here in the U.S. (53% of Americans are smartphone owners).

Mobile is a powerful source of social traffi…