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Eight Timeline Tips for Your Brand by Mike Burke at

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"That's Very Pinteresting"

FEBRUARY 23, 2012 / Kate Gallagherthe

Trends tend to annoy my longtime man-friend.  Keep in mind that he's an accountant for a construction company, so it's no surprise that he has a lack of appreciation for my fantastic, urban dictionary-style word uses like "rom-com" (romantic-comedy) and "whatev" (whatever), etc.  When I recently described an item as "pinteresting" he finally surrendered.

For those of you not 6 months into a severe Pinterest addiction, here's the DL (down-low) on why a marketer should care that "pinteresting" has quickly emerged as an adjective that most of my female peer group can assimilate to.

Why should you care? Website Traffic.
In less than two years since Pinterest's launch, it now drives more referral traffic than Google+, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, and MySpace... combined.

What is it? Crack.
"Pinterest is a social network that al…