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Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses: How To Hang Onto Every Fan And Follower

By Lisa WirthmanPosted:10/23/2013 8:31 am EDT Successful social media marketing isn’t just measured by the size of a company’s fan base. Even more important than how many fans and followers your company can gain, is how many it can actually keep. As of May 2013, 72 percent of online adults were using social networking sites, according to Pew Research Center. In addition, MBA Online reports that 8 in 10 social media users in the U.S. would rather connect with companies via social media than via corporate websites. And, social media campaigns have been shown to be more effective in generating quality leads. By now, most small business owners understand that they can’t afford to ignore this important marketing channel. But once you’ve built up a fan base of social media followers, the often-ignored dilemma is, how do you keep them? While some companies go as far as paying for subscribers, quality of engagement is more important than quantity of followers. “Social media users thrive on me…

create an internal social media structure

How to Get Employees to Embrace Social Media By 
Published October 24, 2013 
Are you struggling to get your social media activities off the ground?
Do you want to get more people inside your organization to support your social media activities?
If so, you’re not alone. Small businesses to Fortune 500 companies find themselves facing these challenges.
In this article, I’ll show you how to create an internal social media structure that will help you develop an effective long-term social media presence.
#1: Define the End Goal First, identify how and why social media will be used to meet specific business and brand goals.
For example, a business goal is to increase revenue by 10%, whereas a brand goal is to create deeper relationships with your existing clients.
Clearly define realistic, concrete and measurable goals to give your team objectives to pursue.
Pin It Define your goals to create the internal structure you need for your social media presence. Image source: iSto…

How to Run a Facebook Timeline Promotion: 6 Tips for Success

Published October 14, 2013  Are you thinking of running a Facebook contest or promotion without using an app?
Would you like to run a contest or sweepstakes on your Facebook page timeline?
On August 27, Facebook made a major change to its promotion guidelines.
Although you can run a promotion directly on your Facebook page timeline without using a third-party app, there are several factors to address before you decide to run your contest.
In this article you’ll discover six things to consider before setting up a contest on your Facebook timeline.
#1: Know How You Can and Can’t Collect EntriesFacebook’s new promotion rules and the accompanying guidelines are pretty straightforward.
You can collect entries by having users post on your page, message your page, comment on or like a page post and use likes as a voting mechanism.
In other words, you can ask users to enter by posting a photo on your page or in the comments on your post, and then select a winner based on wh…