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7 Web Design Trends To Watch For In 2012

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If you don’t keep up with the current web design trends your website may no longer attract visitors and/or the search engines. For example I haven’t redesigned one of my static html websites for at least a decade. Even though I still get new clients and some pages still rank well in the search engines I’ve experienced a drop in traffic. Why? Because the website still displays an old design, is not regularly updated and no new backlinks have been added. My suggestion is not to procrastinate redesigning your website especially if you’re not converting visitors into paying customers.

1. Website speed 
Visitors lose patience if your website doesn’t load within a few seconds. Search engines also factor in website speed as part of their ranking formula. Action steps*Avoid placing large graphics, flash or video on your web pages *Reduce the size of your graphics *Place all CSS and Javascript in an external file *Make sure your…

Google’s Advice for Testing Your Website

Ever wondered whether your targeted audience is really finding your website useful? Is the high bounce rates from any of your pages a matter of concern for you? Well, you’re in luck… Google is giving out some simple and handy tips on its latest Webmaster Central Blog that will help you understand and analyze the usage of your website from a visitor’s perspective.
For example, did you know that on average users scroll down 5.9 times as often as they scroll up, meaning that often once a page content is scrolled past, it is “lost” .
If you have never though of these things before or did not succeed in finding an answer to these questions before, this is a good opportunity to find an answer to these questions.
I have outlined Google’s advice for you below:
First, think about your user
Whether you are launching a new web project or completely revamping your existing site some important questions need to be asked answers to which will add value to your website.
How might users access your si…

HTML5 for Online Business and Web Design

By  | DECEMBER 30, 2011