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Web 2.0 Design Guide

Web 2.0 Design Guideby  In this tutorial, I describe various common graphic design elements in modern web “2.0″ design style. I then attempt to explain why they work (i.e. why they have become common), as well as how, when and where you might use each element in your designs. It follows on from my Current Style article, and analyses in greater depth the design features of the current “Web 2.0″ design style. To learn how to design Web2.0 sites yourself, you must read “Save the Pixel – The Art of Simple Web Design”, which is a comprehensive guidebook to the principles and techniques of Web2.0 design. Summary of Best Web Design Features The list below is a summary of many of the common features of typical “Web 2.0″ sites. Clearly, a site doesn’t need to exhibit all these features to work well, and displaying these features doesn’t make a design “2.0″ – or good! I’ve already addressed some of these factors in my introductory Current Stylearticle. Also note my article on Real Web2.…