Four Easy Accessibility Resolutions for the New Year

January 8, 2020 8:34:58 AM EST Resolutions don't have to be unreasonably hard to be effective and worthwhile. Here are four easy resolutions anyone can make this new year to help broaden their knowledge and bridge the digital divide.

1. Brush up on your accessibility knowledge Whether you're already a seasoned accessibility expert or just looking to learn the basics, there are plenty of resources available to help you keep your skills sharp. This year, make a commitment to continue learning in the way that works for you.
Here are some resources to help:
Accessibility self-paced training coursesAccessibility blogDigital Accessibility NewsletterFree accessibility resources 2. Introduce ten people to digital accessibility Good things are better when they're shared. This year, help ten (or one, or a hundred, whatever number you're comfortable with) people become aware of some of the benefits and practices of accessibility.
You might start by defining accessibility, introduc…

Why do you want to redesign your website?

If you’ve decided that your website needs a redesign, there’s usually some sort of obvious symptom or pain point that you’ve identified. After all, people don’t spend the time and money associated with your typical, months-long website redesign project just for the fun of it, right?
Whether the appearance needs a facelift, the technology is painful to use or the content needs updating, you’re probably here because something led you to the conclusion that you need a web design agency to fix your problem.
But before you hire an agency -- even us -- you need to make sure that you’ve covered all your bases and carefully considered what it is that you really need. (That’s what this guide is for!) Because while there are a lot of good reasons to give your website a makeover, there are also a lot of bad ones, too. “I Just Don’t Like Our Website Anymore...” One of the biggest “issues” that people cite with their website is simply, “I don’t like it anymore.” Designers and developers at agencie…