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Managing the Business Side of Creative: Project and Traffic Managers
Cyndi Urbano

Yes, it is a bit of an oxymoron: To raise the bar on overall performance, creative teams often have to add non-creative capabilities. Advertising agencies have long understood this fundamental truth, but in-house organizations are just beginning to embrace the idea wholeheartedly.

This often crystalizes when an inhouse team begins to put serious brainpower behind increasing efficiency and managing workflow. It is inevitable that sometime during this process, we will discuss adding two vital roles: the traffic manager and project manager.

So what do these people do? How do their roles differ? How do they support each other? And why are they so important to the efficient operations of an in-house creative team?

It’s the traffic manager’s job to keep the rest of the team focused on developing creative. At the most basic level the classic TM is responsible for taking in and closing o…

Research Shows Metrics Marketers Think Matter Most

Published January 13, 2015  How are you measuring social media in 2015?
Do you know which metrics to watch?

Research reveals that over the past four years, most marketers switched to measuring more intangible goals like brand awareness, message effectiveness and brand perception.

In this article you’ll discover findings from studies to help you determine which metrics to use to evaluate your social media efforts.

Research shows the metrics marketers value most.
#1: Consider Shifts in Metric Choices In August 2014, Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business along with the American Marketing Association surveyed 408 chief marketing officers and 4,582 marketers total to gauge how metric choices and priorities have shifted over the past four years.

As the eMarketer chart below shows, four years ago in August 2010, nearly 18% of marketers used sales as a metric for success. By August 2014, that number had actually dropped by 1% to 17%.  Further, using “profits per custome…

How to Make the Most of Facebook Mobile

Published January 12, 2015  Are you paying for visibility on Facebook?
Have you tried Facebook mobile ads?

Given how many people access Facebook on mobile devices, it makes sense to invest heavily in mobile ads.

In this article I’ll share how Facebook mobile ads stack up to other Facebook ads and improve your marketing.

Find out how to make the most of Facebook Mobile Ads.
Compare the Cost of Facebook Ad Types There are total of five placement options for Facebook ads you can use to bring attention to your brand or services:
Right column on your Facebook news feed pageRight column on subsequent pages you visitMain Facebook news feedMobile news feedMobile apps The test is to find the one that works best for you—cost-wise as well as click-wise. In many cases, mobile ads are much cheaper than you may think.

In 2014 the NBA Golden State Warriors (GSW) used multiple platforms to grow their number of Facebook fans, but Facebook and Facebook ads were the real players.
The GSW use…

10 Social Media Habits to Get You Better Results This Year

1. Get Geeky With Analytics Most social media managers and strategists spend all of their time executing and little time analyzing. Most reports that I’ve seen are very surface level and don’t really dig into what worked and why. The best way to get better results is to know what is working and why. Make it a habit to spend more time with analytics. Create a scheduled time in your calendar for at least a half-day every month to step back and review your successes and failures, and take a look at how other businesses are getting results.
2. Talk to a Customer (Literally) Every Month Every month, find ONE CUSTOMER and talk to them about your social media approach. What social networks do they use? Why? What would they want from you on social media? Companies invest so much money in surveys (and annoy their customers) when a few conversations could be 10 times more insightful.
3. Stop Doing the Things That Aren’t Working Earlier this year I read a post about a business that …

7 Design Trends You Need to Know About for 2015

Original article:

With growing do-it-yourself website building platforms like SquareSpace and Pagekit, it’s easy for website owners—like you—to put up a website in minutes with minimal cost. But when picking out your template, adding widgets, and changing up the design, there are some trends you’ll want to know about, and even implement on your site. These seven design trends and tips can be your secret weapon to getting more from your site’s design.

1. Large Images/Videos in the Background Large and meaningful images, along with a strong headline will give your product or service the visual impact to engage your visitors. We’ve added a dark overlay to our own homepage hero image to improve the contrast of text against the image.
Use a video background to engage your visitors. AirBnb’s video tells a story by showing people arriving home, which ties back to their headline of “Welcome Home.”

AirBnb’s Ho…